A narrow river, wedged between houses, streets, and shrubbery, is the clandestine artery of Wedding. It separates Wedding into north and south, east and west – yet, it still connects the people living here. Running down from the Bürgerpark Pankow, passing beneath Osloer Strasse, Pankstrasse and Gerichtstrasse, the Panke flows into the Nordhafen close to the Erika-Hess-Eisstadion – on sunnydays,you can smell the detergents emanating from the channel. On its way, the Panke takes its course past social housings, fast train tracks, old factory buildings, garden plots, and expensive townhouses. The river has a soothing effect, upstaging concrete and noise: in its thicket, it provides a sanctuary for all those looking for shelter. Moreover, it reflects the urban state of Wedding – the district abandons all things dear, yet dispensable at its banks.